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WordPress Course

I have acquired a good course in the basics of using WordPress.  I hope you find it useful.

Click on the links below for each video:

  1. Installing WordPress
    1. Getting a Domain
    2. Updating your nameserver
    3. Using a Addon Domain
    4. Installing WordPress using Fantastico Deluxe
    5. Installing WordPress using SimpleScripts
  2. Customizing WordPress
    1. Themes
      1. Theme Basics
      2. Free and Premium Themes
    2. Plug-ins
      1. Plug-in Basics
      2. Bonus Plug-ins
      3. Sexy Bookmarks Plug-in
      4. All-In-One SEO Plug-in
      5. Akismet Plug-in
      6. Go Codes Plug-in
      7. Easy Adsense Plug-in
      8. Ping Optimizer Plug-in
      9. XML Sitemap Plug-in
    3. Editor
    4. Widgets
    5. Menus
  3. Configuring WordPress
    1. Tags
    2. Categories
    3. Settings
      1. General Settings
      2. Writing Settings
      3. Reading Settings
      4. Discussion Settings
      5. Media Settings
      6. Privacy Settings
      7. Permalink Settings
  4. Updating WordPress
  5. Backing Up WordPress
    1. Backup Overview
    2. Backup Tools
  6. Using WordPress
    1. Posts
      1. Creating Posts
      2. Editing Posts
    2. Media
    3. Links
    4. Pages
    6. Users
    7. Tools
  7. Extras
    1. Google Apps
    2. Social Media Sharing
    3. Social Media Syndication
    4. Autoresponder Integration

Using an Addon Domain

Updating Your Nameservers

Autoresponder Integration