WordPress Plugin Reviews

Information about WordPress Plugins that I find useful on my websites.

What is a Ping Optimizer?

Whenever you make changes to your posts, messages (pings) are sent to any websites that are monitoring your site.  If you ping these websites too often you can be labeled a spammer.  To prevent that there is a class of plug-in called Ping Optimizers.  The one I use is cbnet Ping Optimizer. The following excerpt […]

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Backing up WordPress

You will put in a lot of effort in setting up and posting to your WordPress Blog.  You want to make sure that a glitch in your hosting computer does not wipe that all away.  For this reason you should be making periodic back-ups of your Blog. There are three ways to make a back-up […]

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Comment Rating Plug-in

This plug-in written by Bob King allows visitors to your site to rate the comments to your posts.  They can give each post either a thumbs up or a thumbs down and the cumulative rating for each post is displayed.  Here is a list of the features: Now there’s a companion plugin which display comments […]

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What is Akismet?

If you have a WordPress based blog or web-site I’m sure you’ve seen that it comes with a plugin called Akismet.  You might not know what it can do for you.  This handy little plugin helps defend your website against spam comments. One of the factors in web-site rankings is links from other sites.  Comment […]

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