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I am a big believer in the WordPress platform for developing websites.  I just downloaded a new theme developed by Joel Comm and his InfoMedia Inc. staff.  It is called the Socrates Theme.  If you browse through this website you will see it in action.  It is a nice clean looking theme that has many customization features.  These features make it easy to make your site unique to you. The first customization choice concerns how many columns you wish to use.

I prefer the default layout because the question boxes that I have in the right sidebar need the wider width.

You also have an extensive selection of header graphics that you can use (currently more than 150 to choose from and more being added).  You are also free to upload your own graphics for the header if you already have something that is branded for you.

This WordPress theme is built with the Internet marketer in mind.  There is a spot custom made for an Adsense or similar leaderboard below the header.  There is also an Ad rotator to the right that can include links for any social media sites you use as well as any of your ClickBank products or affiliate links.

If you only have one website and know for sure that you will never have more than one, the theme is available (at the time this was written) for $47 as a single site license.  The much better deal is the unlimited site license. For $77 you can use this theme on every single site you personally own.  You are not allowed to use this license for other people’s sites that you set up for them.  If you are in the business of creating websites for people, either have them buy a license or buy it for them and include the license fee in your bill to them.

I have transferred two of my sites to this theme so far.  The rest of my sites will be changed over within the next day or two.  If you use WordPress I highly recommend that you check out this theme.  There is a link in the Ad Rotator in the upper right as well as a link in the lower right corner of the page.  If you use these links and decide you like Socrates, I will get credit for the referral.

Enjoy – and as Joel always says “Do Good Stuff”.

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  1. Good share,you article very great, very usefull for us…thank you

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    Like your post it was informative. i recently purchased the Socrates theme four days ago.I did have some issues like the next guy. So I spent some time doodling around with the theme and still finding my way….so far so good…I found your website on the Socrates forum. Like the way you set up your blog. I will stop in from time to time and read your posts. Thanks

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