What is Web 3.0?

First a little history.  What is now considered Web 1.0 was the standard way of doing websites for most of the history of the web.  Static HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) web pages that weren’t much more than on-line versions of hardcopy brochures or periodicals.  In the early days web authors were forced to code HTML by hand.  Then editors such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver permitted the authors to edit the page in a manner similar to word processing software.  It was easier for the authors but was still a one directional communication media from the author to the viewer.

In recent years a new paradigmthat is referred to as Web 2.0 emerged.  The presentation of the information on a web page was seperated from the information (also referred to as content).  This allowed the pages to become more dynamic since the content could change at will and still be presented on the page in a pleasing manner.  This is important because it allowed the viewer to participate in a dialog with not only the author, but other viewers as well. Where Web 1.0 was a brochure or a periodical, Web 2.0 became a textual dialog.

We are now entering into yet another paradigm on the web that takes its inspiration from on-line games.  In Web 3.0 you design a three dimensional “avatar” for yourself that physically represents you to other participants on a Web 3.0 site. These sites are designed as a three dimensional world in which you actively participate.  Instead of navigating from page to page as in a traditional website, you navigate your avatar through the virtual world to access different content.  If your computer is equiped with speakers and a microphone you can interact with the other participants verbally.

Some of the ways this is being used include:

  • Virtual dance parties/mixers for socializing
  • Movie nights where you can watch a video on-line in the company of your online friends.
  • Online seminars where the experience compares to real-world seminars and training experiences from the comfort of your home.

One site that is currently doing this is http://www.yoovolution.com.  They have a special event coming up that includes some of the biggest names in the self-improvement seminar and book arena.  Information on the event can be found here.

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