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I’ve been spending some of my spare time over the last few weeks answering questions on Yahoo Answers.  It was another way that could help people who had questions about website hosting, creation and maintenance.  To further help people, I included a link to this blog where they could find additional information.  According to the guidelines that Yahoo had posted, this was allowable as long as I wasn’t selling things to people.  Evidently some people on the site disagreed about this practice.  Because of this I have been banned from answering people’s questions on Yahoo Answers.

If you have any question on these topics I urge you to use the contact form.  If I am able to answer your questions, I will either make a blog post that answers the general case or reply via email.

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    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg
    Thank you

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    Sorry to hear you got booted from Yahoo Answers. I find it to be a good place to help people while getting backlinks myself.

    So how are you getting notice of your posts to appear on FB? Are you doing that manually or with some automatic tool?


      • Lynn
      • March 9, 2011

      I use HootSuite to post my RSS feed to Twitter and Facebook.

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